​​Hair: Daneena Dixon @crowns4u
​Photo & Makeup: Jasmin Alesa @makeupbyalesa

Copyright @ Angel Hogan All rights reserved.

I’m Angel Hogan.

I believe in Stories.

​Though seemingly impossible to share at times, our words matter. Storytelling allows us to say the difficult things, to bravely look life in the face, and recognize our own strange, loving eyes looking back. This empathy is urgent, now and always.

We are part of a collective human story. A survival quilt stitched with grief, joy, pain, hope, and love. Woven all through are those critical tales tucked deep in our hearts. Afraid. Essential.
Audre Lorde reminds that:
“When we speak, we are afraid our words will not be heard nor welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So, it is better to speak.”

Our words matter.
Let us turn silence into language, turn language into action. Let us courageously speak truth, opening a revolutionary dialogue of visibility and transformation. Our story is the living, breathing tapestry belonging to every one of us.

The story is ours.